Distance between domestic and international airport in mumbai

The run way for domestic and international are same but different entrances . hardly the distance between them is 3 km. you can get taxi or auto from both airports.


4 Responses to “Distance between domestic and international airport in mumbai”

  1. Kurien Thomas Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We booked for a flight from NewYork to Chennai on January 12/2010
    Departing 21.30 arrival Mumbai 22.45 Flight A1140 Air India
    Continueing departing 01.00AM Mumbai and 0245 arrival at Chennai.

    We advised the bages to be sent directly to the destination at CHENNAI

    1. We would appreciate if you please confirm that the baggages willb directed directly to Chennai
    2. the custom/Immigration formalities will be in Chennai.


  2. Nikhil Says:

    Hi, i will be raching mumbai international airport from dubai at 4 A.M and have to catch a domestic flight at 5:30 A.M from the domestic airport, just wanted to know if i can make it or not (practically). Do i have to take a shuttle service or take a cab? or should i speak to the Intl / domestic carriers in before-hand for any additional services.

  3. PP Says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    We are in the same situation can you let me know if you were able to reach on time and catch your domestic flight??
    We are reaching at 9:40 pm and have a domestic flight at 11:40 pm,..

  4. Saundra Brownwood Says:

    Saundra Brownwood…

    […]Distance between domestic and international airport in mumbai « Travel Guide To India[…]…

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