My Travel To Darjeling And Sikkim

We started from South India city Vijayawada. From Vijayawada we Boarded train  Coramandal Express and get down at howrah next day . From howrah we went to seldha station which is a second major station in kolkata. There we took the Darjeling Express at get down at silguri. Outside of the silguri station there will be lot if cabs waiting for you to take to darjeling ,gangtok. We took a cab to darjeling which costs 80 Rs per head. It took nearly three hours to reach Darjeling. Best thing is to take the joy train which is time consuming. As we had less time so we took cab to Darjeling. While on the way to darjeling senic beauty of Gorka hills is awsome. The tea estates welcomes you with rich greenary.

The best time to visit is december and january. Bcoz in may its a rainy season in Darjeling. After reaching darjeling we had our baths and some light snacks and headed to park where it is in deep valley of gorkha hills. we spend time till the evening and get back to hotel. There hotel rates are very cheap if you visited in december. And the sunset will be at 4 pm. so by 7 pm it will be dark and you cant find people on roads.

In the morning we took a cab and went to tiger hill to watch the sunrise through Himalayas. In that morning the temperature is very cool with breeze as that we even unable to rewind our camera real. But the senic beauty exists there as the sunrises through Himalayas the Himalayas will be in Golden color . Its a very thirilling view.


5 Responses to “My Travel To Darjeling And Sikkim”

  1. ranjan Says:

    whether passport is necessary to go to khatmandu from gangtak and whether have u been to gangtak plz inform by mail. We are planning to visit the place during the 2nd week of June

  2. Rajib Says:

    Hi. can u tell me wht is the procedure if i want to go to gangtok and Kalimpong frm Darjeeling?
    Is it possible if i want to make a trip to Gangtok/ Kalimpong and return to darjeeling same day?
    Wht should i visit in Gantok/ Kalimpong?

    pls inform these information by mail. waiting for ur reply.


  3. L Jagadeeswara Rao Says:

    Please send the details of important visiting spots with history in Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kalimpong and Shilllong

  4. gopal Says:

    Please sugget me hotel for 6 coupels witheir children in darjeling for two days.

  5. sameer Says:

    can you please let me know the train details from Pune to Darjeeling

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