How to reach Domestic and international Airport in mumbai

The entrances for Domestic airport mumbai and International Airport mumbai are different, but runway is same. For Domestic airport there are two terminals 1A and 1B. To reach domestic airport nearest local railway station is Ville Parle. Get down there and come outside to Ville parle (east).From there you can take an auto for a max distance of 2 KM. Or can have number of buses plying from ville parle east station to airport.

For International Airport in Mumbai the nearest local railway station is Andheri. You can get down there and come outside to Andheri(East) and from there you can take Auto max of 3 KM. Here i don’t have an  idea about the terminals but all at same side only.

sekhar reddy.


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    What is the distance between domestic airport and International airport.And from domestic airport can i get taxi, and what is the charges of taxihire.And in inside the International airport their is hotel facilities other facilities etc.,

    Awaiting for your reply.



    What is the distance between domestic airport and International airport.And from domestic airport can i get taxi, and what is the charges of taxihire.And in inside the International airport their is hotel facilities and what arte the other facilities etc.,

    Awaiting for your reply.


  3. Manish Arora Says:

    If i am coming from Shirdi to Mumbai via Train, which is the nearest Railway station ( Mumbai Central or Kalyan Jn) to Domestic Airport.
    How can I reach the Domestic Airport from railway station and can I get Hotel Facility near to the Airport.


  4. sharmila Says:


    I am coming from US to Mumbai for the first time..I am getting down at the international aiport., so just worried about how to get to the domestic airport., is it far away from the international airport and can u tell me how to get to the domestic airport easily..

    reply needed as soon as possible..


    first of all the run way is same for domestic and international.there are special buses running from domestic to international terminals by airport authority of india. u can directly go there using that service.or u can come out of internation terminal and hire a taxi which will cost u 50 rs to domestic.


  5. Suresh Says:

    I travel regularily the Sydney- Mumbai – Cochin route, and often do the International to Domestic transfer using the Airport Courtesy Bus, that usually runs at 30 min intervals. On the odd occasion, I have taken the cab (you can book it at the pre-paid counter as you come out of customs) and it costs about Rs. 150. I find the courtesy bus most convenient as it picks you from the secure area and takes you via a shorter route.
    Happy journey…Cheers..Suresh

  6. umesh Says:

    What is the approx. distance between mumbai domestic airport and mumbai central station? What is the approx. time in which a person can commute between the two?

  7. fatima Says:

    by road distnace between mumabi international airport and kalyan jn station?

  8. Sairam Says:

    Hi All,

    For your guidance.

    For domestic and International Terminals, the gates are different for departure. But both the Terminals have the same RUNWAY.

    If you are coming to International Terminal and want to go to Domestic Terminal and if you already have a ticket, then you can catch a shuttle bus which departs every 30 minutes between the two terminals.

    On the contrary if you wish to go outside and come back to the Domestic Terminal, then there are 2 lines running in Mumbai. They are the Central Railway Line and the Western Railway Line.

    If you choose to go to the western line (from the Domestic Terminal) then the nearest Suburban Train Station is VillleParle. (Hardly 2 kms)

    If you choose to go to the western line (from the International Terminal) then the nearest Suburban Train Station is Andheri. (Hardly 3 kms)

    If you choose to go to the Central line (from the Domestic Terminal) then the nearest Suburban Train Station is Kurla. (9 kms). Auto Charges are between 60 to 70

    If you choose to go to the western line (from the International Terminal) then the nearest Suburban Train Station is Ghatkopar. (7 kms). Auto Charges between 50 to 55 only.

    Also wanted to inform you that the down trains are heavily crowded between 7:00 AM till 11:00 AM. and the UP trains are heavily crowded between 6:00 PM till 11:00 PM. So if you have luggages then you better choose a TAXI or a RICKSHAW upon arrival to your destination.

    UP trains means –> Towards CST on Central Line
    –> Towards Church Gate in Western Line and Vice versa.

    Hope all the answers are answered and if you still have any queries, please feel free to ask and I can guide you.

  9. hitesh vara Says:

    i am just wondering that how can we reach to domestic airport mumbai from international airport. i dont want to take any public transportation. is there any bus service provide by the airport ? i dont mind to take taxi but from which gate and terminal?

  10. Mustafa Says:

    I have read in postings at this site , about availability of coutesy bus service from international and domestic terminals to each other.
    Can some one advise the correct point from where to board this bus at both the terminals pl?

  11. Samir Says:

    I am arriving at about 12 30 am in night at international airport and need to go to domestic airport. Do the shuttle service/ taxi available 24hr?

  12. Aishwarya Says:

    Pl guide me which is the departure terminal for AIR SAHARA(JETLITE)flight at Mumbai and also pl advise me at which rly stn should I get down to reach the dep terminal if I have to come from Belapur to Andheri suburban train.

  13. srija Says:


    My mother coming from HYD. she has international ticket.she’ll come frm HYD to BOB domestic airport and change to international airport. she knows about shuttle bus but how to get that bus and whom to ask.she dnt know engish she know tittle bit she can reach terminal 1A to terminal2A.?pls let know.

  14. balavinayagam s Says:

    what is the distance between domestic air port and station road, santacruz (W). If any hotel facilities at station road and its’ tariff. Pls reply very urget.

  15. Sean Says:

    I plan on arriving from Goa to Bombay @ 7:40am in the morning and then catching a flight from Bombay to Dubai the same day at 9:45am. Will that be enough time to get a bus from the domestic airport to the international airport?, also will it be enough time to clear customs in Bombay?

  16. Aseem Says:

    I will need to travel from Mumbai International terminal to Domestic Terminal in midnight. Is the coutesy bus service available in mid night also?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. VIKRANTH Says:

    i just need to know the best mode of transport from domestic airport to IIPM coll in bandra
    and i would be glad if u send me the fare details if possibl

  18. Nirmal Says:


    Guyz reaching international airport around 8.15a.m. Need to catch a domestic flight to Chennai need someone guidance that how long does it takes to clear immigration+ transfer to domestic. Can some one give info on approx. time required to book my tickets.

  19. umesh Says:

    What is the distance between domestic airport and International airport.And from domestic airport can i get taxi, and what is the charges of taxihire.And in inside the International airport their is hotel facilities other facilities etc.,

    Awaiting for your reply.

  20. rajashekar Says:

    I want some clarifications: Is the International and Domestic Airport is situated at one place or there is a distance between the airports?.

    If I have to come from Hyderabad to Mumbai, what is the airport name I should say to the agents?

    Await to your reply. Thank You.

  21. rajashekar Says:

    which is the nearest airport from Mankhurd (Trombay Road) that is from BARC. Mumbai.

  22. vcsreddy Says:

    airports are same you say mumbai airport. u can get a shuttle service from domestic to international and viceversa. the bus service will be provided by airport authorities.both terminals are almost same distance from mankurd.
    regards ,
    sekhar reddy

  23. nuno Says:

    To be on the safe side, and if you’re landing at the Domestic Airport but Departing from the International Airport, you should count on 3 1/2hrs muimum time between flights. Although the RWY and the Airport as such is the same, everything takes a lot of time to be done. I suggest you take a taxi(+-100Rs) which depending on traffic will take around 25 minutes.

  24. thavrin Says:

    hi pls tell me how far is the international airport from the domestic,and how much will the taxi charge the domestic far from the international thanks.waiting for a reply.

  25. ravi khanna Says:

    What is the approx. distance between mumbai domestic airport and mumbai central station? What is the approx. time in which a person can commute between the two?

    If i am coming from Shirdi to Mumbai via Train, which is the nearest Railway station ( Mumbai Central or Kalyan Jn) to Domestic Airport.
    How can I reach the Domestic Airport from railway station and can I get Hotel Facility near to the Airport.

  26. S.ANJANEYULU Says:


  27. Sanjay Kumar Pandey Says:

    Would you please suggest some cheap or budget hotel near Andheri east or west? I am coming to mumbai first time.

  28. P.K JHAMB Says:


    The Road distance of Mumbai Domestic Airport (Santacruz) to Bandra Station is about 7 Kilometer and to Mumbai Central it is about 21 Kilometer. The best mode of Transport to Bandra is by Auto Rickshaw (Upto 3 Passengers with limited Luggage). The charges are about 50 to 55 Km (Rs 10 per point, 5 Points= 5 Miles= 5 x1.6 = 8 Kilometers)

    However for going to Mumbai Central which is 21 KM or about 14 Miles, the best transport is by Taxi, which charges about Rs 13 per mile plus say about 20 Rs. for Luggage. So total amout will be around 14 x 13 + 20 = 202 , Say between Rs 200 to 225 . If any Taxi driver charges more on meter, U may lodge complaint with RTO office, quoting Taxi Number and route travelled. As Auto Rickshaws do not ply in City Area, so hiring Taxi on meter is a beter choice. Pre-Paid Taxi may charge more.

    Otherwise One may hire Auto and go to Villay Parle Local Railway Stn. (2 to 3 Km from Domestic Airport) and catch Local train bound for Church Gate and alight at Mumbai Central on the way, following the route Bandra-Dadar-Mumbai Central. However the crowded trains and chances of pick pocketing are the factors to avoid going by local trains for those with luggage and new to Mumbai. Mumbaikar are accustomed to travel by Local trains.

    One thing more, these days some A.C Taxis are also plying from Airport to any destination in Mumbai with same rate as Rs. 13 per mile and the service and behaviour of Taxi drivers is also fantastic. I can give some phone numbers if some one specifically interested.


    P.K Jhamb, Mumbai

  29. manoj Says:

    Pls provide me Numbers of AC Taxi…

  30. manoj Says:


  31. chandu Says:

    You can get ac cabs by calling 4422 4422 in mumbai,banglore,hyderabad and delhi. charges are 15 rs per KM

  32. chandu Says:

    u can book ecabs call 09766366663

    Though Cool cabs are good option but has some issues like:

    – Rs.325 is the price if you share it among 4 people. If you share is among 3 people it will cost you approx 435 or so.
    – Sharing among 4 people is very uncomfortable.
    – You need to travel all the way to cool cab stands in congested and polluted roadside cool cab stand
    – Many a times you will not find people available to share a cab, and will need to wait, mostly you will need to negotiate to share it among 3 people to reduce waiting time.
    – if you are going to pune, then railway station is the last stap and they will not drop you in your area or home.

    There is new service launched by ecabs that provide home pickup and destination airport/hotel drop between pune and mumbai. This offer GPS controlled cabs, secure and safe journey

    eCabs is a new Car Reservation System for Pune – Mumbai – Pune Travel. It makes the complete experience of travel quick, safe and enjoying. It is based on advanced GPS and wireless communication platform provided by Click & Go.

    eCabs operate most professional, safe and fast Mumbai Airport Pickup and Pune Home Drop service. Our call center executive track your Flight arrival status, including Baggage claims and regularly call your Indian cellphone (if available ) to track you and dispact eCab to pick you up. Else just call our call center and order your cab. Our drivers are trained to depart immediately for your Pune Home Drop. Our call center executive track the complete journey and communicate with driver to make your journey safe and enjoyable.

    eCabs Pune to Mumbai Express service, is most efficient and convinent way to travel form Pune – Mumbai or Mumbai to Pune. You are required to book just 30 minutes in advance and our Cab will arrive at your home to pickup , Board the car and get started for a enjoying journey to Mumbai via Expressway. In case of any assistance just call our call center. You pay only for the one way travel.

    eCabs operate most professional, safe and fast Mumbai Airport Drop service. While booking just give your Flight Number and our executive will do the rest. They will not only track the changes in your flight timings, Airpurt rush hours but also the Pune-Mumbai traffic situation and advice you the best departure timings. Our cab driver will reach you in time for pickup at your Pune Home and depart under the guidance of the call center executive. We shall make your AIrport transfers enjoyable.

  33. Saurabh S Says:

    I want to Know how to reach Mumbai International Airport from Pune via Bus route.
    where should i got down either to Andheri,Santacruz or where? through Volvo Buses.

  34. kvr Says:

    can anyone let me know the facilities available viz. toilet, bathing facilities for men/women, any eatable joints, etc. at mumbai domestic terminal as pax is arriving from long distance train in the early morning hours and taking connecting flight to another location

  35. Sajan P Thomas Says:

    All facilities are available inside the airport

  36. vicks Says:

    I am coming from US to mumbai and need to go to domestic airport. My friend is coming to recieve me, Can he also board the free bus along with me to the domestic airport or is it better to tell him to come to domestic airport as I have 5 hrs waiting for my connecting domestic flight. any advise please. I never used the free bus service from the terminals.

  37. Ramesh Says:

    I will be reaching Mumbai International Airport at 2 pm and need to catch a flight by 5.30 pm at Domestic terminal. Will it be possible to catch that flight and will the shuttle bus between the two terminals be available…

  38. Vijay Srinivasan Says:

    my flight Spicejet from Vizag to Mumbai reaches at 11.30pm or so and my international flight from Mumbai to Nairobi is at 2.30am. Just 3 hour gap is this time enough to catch the international flight or should i make changes?

  39. Back - Part II « A Year In India Says:

    […] me to the airport without further trying to rob me, big surprise. Later, while googling around, I discovered that the domestic and international airports share a runway and are in effect different terminals […]

  40. hardik Says:

    Hello !!
    Can u all please tell me..i have a flight from banglore landing at 8:00 p.m in mumbai, and an international flight at 11:00 p.m on sunday.
    I have to collect a packet rom sum1 for like 5 mins. Can i come out of the domestic airport for 5-20 mins, againgo inside and board the shuttle bus for international airport?
    Please reply, its urgent.
    Thank you sooo much !!!

  41. David Gal MD Says:

    How long is the ride from international terminal to domestic terminal by taxi? Is 2 hours between arrival from international flight to BOM sufficient to get to a domestic flight from BOM to TRV?

  42. goutham Says:

    hi if am cuming from hyd ..n i get down in andheri …then how can i go to the ville parle……sahara hotel

  43. Eldin Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m flying tomorrow evening (Thurs) to Mumbai International, arriving Friday approx 11:40am.

    I then have a connecting flight to Goa from Santacruz domestic airport.

    Can someone please advise how long it takes to get between both airports by taxi and how much is it roughly? I understand it’s best to agree the fare before getting in but would like to know the basic price.

    Many thanks.

  44. Nishchal Says:

    What is the best way of reaching santa cruz airport from kalyan junction.

  45. jaikumar Says:

    i want to go to santacruz east after getting down in dadar railway station… pls guide me how to reach there… also i need to take rest in between.. where can i take a hotel… near dadar or santacruz because same day i have a return ticket

  46. Guri Says:

    How long time do I need between an international flight and a domestic in Mumbai??
    I’m thinking about transfer beetween the airports AND passport, security etc.
    I need it for a domestic flight booking, so please help med!

  47. Rajesh Says:

    I have a flight departing at 5:35 AM from the domestic terminus. I’m traveling from Surat and I want to know if it is safe to reach Borivali at 3:50 AM. If not, what is the best option for me to reach the airport in time? The earliest train reaching Mumbai is the one I mentioned in this.

  48. Naresh Says:

    If you have connecting flight from International airport,there is internal bus service from Domestic AIrport to International,which takes approximately 15-20 minutes.
    otherwise taxi takes approx 1 hr due to traffic jams,if no traffic jams then distance can be covered in half an hour

  49. oodsfgsdfg Says:


  50. airport shuttles Says:

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  51. Deepesh.VR Says:

    How much distance from Lokmaniya Thilak Railway Station to Inter National Airport Mumbai and time required for travel? Kilometers ?

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  53. domingos Says:

    hi,are taxi available inside international airport in mumbai to go to domestic airport.Or were to get the taxi.

  54. SUMIT Says:


  55. Rajesh Says:

    Hi m Rajesh will be coming from delhi to pune airport …
    can you guide the best way to reach pune railway station junction
    and wants to book a hotel near pune railway station aswell
    are cabs available?? plizzzz guide me

  56. k c harindra nath Says:

    my flight from calicut will reach at 15.35 hrs,to mumbai and next flight to . varnasi is by 935 hrs on next day. kindly guide me can I wait inside the domestic air pot from 1535 hrs to next day morning 935 for catching varnasi flight. kindly give reply immedietly

  57. Sunil Says:

    I have a ticket from Mumbai to Delhi and delhi to Varanasi. Is it possible to convert the ticket to Mumbai – Varanasi at the domestic Airport. This will be more convenient for me. thanks

  58. airport Says:

    Does anyone reply to questions here? Or is it just asking for information?

  59. pankaj Says:


    I m traveling from A’bad to Mumbai in the evening. I have booked international flight just after 6 hrs after I reach to Mumbai’s Domestic airport. Now I have to meet my parents at International airport and spend some time with them may be for 3 hrs. by 11.30 I wana be inside international airport.
    My question is, do i have to come out of domestic airport and go by road to international one?
    if, i use internal bus service, where do they drop me? i want to be out of the airport as i mentioned i will be meeting my parents.

    Kindly help.

  60. caroline Says:

    I have flight from melbourne to Mumbai and then mumbai to goa. I need to know how do i get to the domestic terminal to catch the flight mumbai to Goa

  61. Guri Says:

    Dear Caroline!
    There is a bus from the international til the domestic airport. I used it in march, and as I remember it’s for free.
    You have to stay in the terminal, and there are signs so you can find it. It is driving approximately every half hour.

  62. aks Says:

    what I dont understand is why the FU#$ Bombay airport make the passenger get out of International airport and carry ALL the luggage and hop onto a Friggin Bus and take a ride to Domestic airport ????

    Why cant those Fu#$#$s make the trasition easier and worldclass ? That is the passeger carry only the carry on and remail WITH-IN the airport and ONLY change the terminal WITHOUT ever comming out of the airport ?

    Once you come out of the airport you are vulnerable to outside thugs.

    BEWARE! thugs will act nicely and say they will help you with your luggage and then deman high price or even rob your belongings.

    Better accept help only from Authorized Airport personnel.

    BETTER THAN THAT is AVOID Bombay Airport if you can and Fly directly to your destination.

  63. Germany Says:

    Reaching Mumbai International Airport at 08:20 am
    Connecting Domestic Flight : 10:25 am.

    Assuming the Inetrnational flight arrives on time + Immigration Formality + Baggage Claim

    Will i be able to make it to domestic terminal on time and manage ontime checkin ?

    Please suggest if this is enough time interval and work arounds.

    Thanks in Advance for all your help..

    God Bless ya…

  64. manjula Says:

    if i take flight from hyderabad to reach mumbai ,where i exactly getdown in mumbai that is domestic or international airport.if it is in domestic than tell me the exact location(area’s description)plz

  65. manjula Says:

    if i take flight from hyderabad to reach mumbai ,where i exactly getdown in mumbai that is domestic or international airport.if it is in domestic than tell me the exact location(area’s description)plz

  66. safikul chisty Says:

    I want to know the location of Domestic Airport.How can i go to Domestic airport from Vashi.

  67. Vikas Says:

    What is the cheapest option to travel from mumbai airport to vashi sector 18.

  68. bhadresh b Says:

    i & my family travelling to singapore
    let me how to transfer to international to domestic?

    vice versa international to domestic for this i have arrival & depat to domestic only 2 hr. let me suggest either airport transfer thr’ airport service or catch cab and go to domestic so i cannot miss domestic

  69. raghuraman Says:

    Which is the nearest station to mumbai domestic airport?..santacruz or ville parle? long is the distance from that station to the domestic airport?? long will it take by auto from that station to reach airport??

  70. vrk Says:

    I am landing at international airport and have to catch a domestic flight. Inbetween I need to desperately see my girl. Can I see her after I get down at the domestic airport? Will i be able to get to outside of the domestic airport, in the common area where people land, I will be carrying a lot of luggage 2 cabin bags and 2 check in bags. Can someone please suggest whether you can meet someone between two flights.

  71. kumar Says:


    I am landing to Mumbai International Airport at 5pm from Dubai & I have connecting flight to Rajkot 7.20pm at domestic airport .

    Will the time be enough for me to clear the custom & immigration and travel to Domestic airport .

    pls advise also how many hours in advance we have reach at domectic airport.

  72. ali Says:

    hi,, im coming first time to mumbai,, s ticket im holding via domestic airport to international airpot,, lts me knw hw long take time frm taxi????

  73. Sunitha Says:

    I will be reaching to mumbai domestic airport. From there I have to go to the mumbai international airport. How do I go?

  74. Somnath Says:


    You can go to int airport via Auto or Taxi

  75. shasa Says:

    if i’m coming from surat to mumbai airport domestic terminal what would be the best place for me to get down wen coming from surat in train

  76. Kumar.Palani Says:

    Hi i am living in Nahur. i want to go International Airport in Mumbai. can you tell the shortest route through bus.

  77. keerthivasan Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have 2 questions. 1) What is the distance between juhu and domestic airport. 2) What is the distance between kalyan and juhu ?

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  79. Amalal Padhiyar Says:

    I want to go domestic airport for Ahmedabad.From goregoan how can I get it by correct way

  80. Amalal Padhiyar Says:

    I want to go Ahmedabad by air.How can I reach domestic airport from goregoan-mumbai

  81. zahida Says:

    hi, i want information about Dr.waseem bari of J&K who arrived from Egypt this morning at 6am.

  82. zahida Says:

    please help me.we have no information about Dr. waseem bari who arrived at 6 am on mumbai international airport from egypt.

  83. arvind sharma Says:

    I have flight from Ahmadabad to Mumbai and after five hours connecting flight from Mumbai to Goa , single boarding. can i go out side the airport in Mumbai while waiting for the next flight for Goa?

  84. nitin pulli Says:

    i want to go from international airport to dadar as i want to go from dadar to solapur in midnight , what is suiable travelling this time, buses and how

  85. Hardik Says:

    I have 5 hr. time between Domestic to International Flight so it is safe to use airport authority bus service ?

    please tell me fast as i want to go tomorrow.

  86. Dr.Rajendra Keny Says:

    I am staying at Ghansoli Navi Mumbai I want to go to domestic airport by car. kindly tell me the road route to reach domestic airport

  87. prafulla mahesh Says:

    I want to know whether the International airport and domestic airport terminal 1A is the same place

  88. Sandeep Says:

    I am travelling from Mangalore to London via Mumbai. I have a long wait time in Mumbai. I wish to go to my friend’s house in Mumbai instead of going to the international airport and waiting there. Can I get out of the domestic airport and come back to the international airport at the time of my onward journey? Will I have to do the checkin again for my onward journey? Will I be allowed to get out and back again..I suppose this should be fine as long as i have an Indian passport. Please advise.

  89. patel Says:

    hi friends
    i am coming from perth to mumbai at 9 pm by airasia airline. my next flight is from domestic airport at 11 pm to ahmedabad . how can i reach over there . both flight are diffrent not connceted. can i use free bus sevies at 9 pm? . thank you

  90. michelle Says:

    which bus should i take from andheri east station to intercontinental the lalit hotel.

  91. shrikant Says:

    Please let me know the place of shuttle which is running on International airport to domestic airport.

  92. shrikant Says:


    install software on ur mobile which help u for local and bus timetable and routes details.

  93. ananth Says:

    I am reaching mumbai domestic at 2230 and have flight to amsterdam at 010 from Intl. Ap

    Can some body suggest best way to reach in shortest time
    as I have only about 2hrs 40 mins bet. flights.I am a senior citizen


  94. murtuza Says:

    i am coming from sharjah and i ve a connecting flight to bhopal after 2 hour will ill be able to make it to the domectic airport in this tym

  95. manish Says:

    hi my name manish i need information for how far distance domestic airport to international airport

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  97. Dipika Says:

    Hi, I’ll be getting into Mumbai Intl at 5:40 p.m. and I have a domestic flight to catch at 8:00 p.m. — Can I clear customs, baggage claim, etc., and make it in time for my domestic flight if I take the airport shuttle bus?


  98. Uma Maheswari Says:

    I am flying to mumbai from trivandrum. From there i have to go to navsari,gujarat. How to go from mumbai domestic airport?

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  100. Satish Patil Says:

    i want to from Pune chandan nagar to Santakruze Mubmbi air port by car pl suggest route

  101. Himanshu Says:

    I am landing mumbai domestic terminal at 9:30 PM. can I reach bandra terminus at 11 PM. If yes then, what mode of transportation should I use?

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  103. gulam hussain Says:


    I am coming from portugal porto to Mumbai for the first time..I am getting down at the international aiport., so just worried about how to get to the domestic airport., is it far away from the international airport and can u tell me how to get to the domestic airport easily..

    reply needed as soon as possible..

    g hussain

  104. sanjay deshpande Says:

    I am comming from Pune to catch Jaipur flight at 8.10pm from domestic airport.Pl suggest which is the nearest Rly stn at Mumbai to go to domestic airport & at which line,central or western?

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  107. riccardo nova Says:

    How to reach domestic terminal from international terminal for a senior citizen ? Is there a shuttle? How far are the 2 terminals?

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  110. kishor kumar venkateshappa Says:

    Hi, my name is kishor.
    i am traveling from Riyadh in Gulf air up to Mumai than after i want to go Bangalore in Kingfisher flight and i have 2 hrs time in between. what is the procuder? is it requred to come out and take taxi to domastic airport or can airport will provaid the travel?

  111. Ashpak Says:

    Im traveling with my fly from dubai to mangalore via domestic airport i hv 8hrs time in between to domestic flight, which is near good 4 star hotel those who can pick up from international air port and drop me back to domestic air port ?

  112. Vignesh Says:

    My dad is coming from Dubai to Mumbai & arriving by 2:55AM,, & and he has to catch a domestic flight from mumbai to bangalore which is at 6:10AM… is the shuttle bus services available by 3:00AM or so… is the time gap between the flights is enough for checkin & all the fomalities…
    kindly reply ASAP

  113. n Says:

    pleae provid detials of bhayender to domestic airport by local train

  114. Mallesh Says:

    i am going to hyderabad to mumbai and arrived at domestic terminals. but i want to exit from international entrance so it is possible for me to exit from international because from domestic to come to andheri j b nagar bus stop is so far please suggest me.

  115. shareef Says:

    i want to come mumbai airport fom lokamanyathilak railway station


    iam travilling from nagpur to mumbai by jet connect airways,landing timing is 10.05 at terminal 1b,same date next travelling for gwalior from terminal 1A BY AIR INDIA Flight time is 14.00pm
    so please suggest tome what is distance from terminal 1b to 1a

  117. Suhas Reddy Says:

    thanks shekar reddy

  118. saji Says:

    hai iam going to travel from london to cochin via jetairways.this is my first time and i am bit nerves becouse i am travelling with my family. i have got 2 young kids. i will reach in mumbai international airport at 11am amd my connection flight to cochin is at 13.35 hours. there is not much waiting time. will i be able to collect my laggages and reachin domestic on time. please help me. how do i get to domestic airport. do i have to collect my laggages or the aircraft will transfer automatically.

  119. jetair Says:

    i book ticket mumbai to rajkot . It depart from terminal 1B. Is it depart from which airport

  120. Rajiv Singh Says:

    Terminal 1B belongs to Domestic Airport which is in Santa Cruz East. Either book a cab and tell him that or reach Ville Parle Railway Station and then take cab or auto to the airport.

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